Praja, Stratify Look to Make Sense of Unstructured Data

Praja Inc. and Stratify Inc. both announced new products last week designed to help users rein in their unstructured data.

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Praja Inc. and Stratify Inc. both announced new products last week designed to help users rein in their unstructured data.

Praja, in San Diego, last Thursday announced ExperienceWare 3.0, an application development platform for building applications that bring together structured data, such as from transactional and business intelligence systems, with unstructured data, such as from content and document management systems or even desktop productivity applications, to provide unified data analysis.

Meanwhile Stratify, the formerly brand-challenged Purple Yogi Inc., earlier in the week announced the Stratify Discovery System and Stratify Classification Server, both designed to turn unstructured data into usable information.

The chief new feature of Prajas ExperienceWare is a set of reusable templates designed to make it faster and easier to deploy the technology across the enterprise. The technology can be used to correlate historical data with unstructured data, such as Web page content, so as to give businesses a clearer indication of business activities, Praja officials said. ExperienceWare 3.0 has native support for XML, Java, JDBC, EJB, WAP and LDAP. It will be generally available in January, though betas are out now, with pricing starting at $150,000.

Mountain View, Calif.-based Stratify, fresh off a much-needed name change, launched its "flagship family" of software last weeky. The Stratify Discovery System is a document management system that collects information such as Web content or MS Word and PowerPoint or Adobe Acrobat files organizes it into a hierarchy of topics that the user defines and presents the information to the user.

The Stratify Classification Server meanwhile provides an application development environment for building document management applications that uses the same classification technology as the Stratify Discovery System. Stratify officials said the technology can be used to build add-on applications to other document and content management applications as well as search engines, corporate portals and CRM and ERP software systems.

Pricing starts at $350,000 for each the Discovery System and Classification Server. Both are available now.