PreEmptive Solutions Adds Exception Analysis to Visual Studio 2013

PreEmptive Solutions delivers exception analytics to Visual Studio 2013 and Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2013.

Microsoft announced that PreEmptive Solutions' new PreEmptive Analytics and Dotfuscator CE will be included in Microsoft Visual Studio 2013, which means PreEmptive's instrumentation capability and configurable rules engine will be part of Microsoft's flagship integrated development environment (IDE).

Dotfuscator CE, which has been included with every version of Visual Studio since Visual Studio 2003, prevents the reverse engineering of Microsoft .NET applications and includes basic application monitoring capabilities. The Visual Studio 2013 version, renamed PreEmptive Analytics and Dotfuscator Community Edition beginning in Visual Studio 2012, includes exception monitoring and response.

Meanwhile, Team Foundation Server 2013 includes a repository and rules engine that aggregates and analyzes incoming exception alerts. When rules are triggered, work items are created or updated, providing real-time visibility into production, PreEmptive officials said. In addition to the functionality included with Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server 2013, developers will have the option to download API support for Windows RT, Windows Phone and JavaScript, as well as Java, Android and iOS applications.

"With the Community Edition of PreEmptive Analytics, Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server is uniquely positioned to provide real-time production incident monitoring across existing, modern and mainstream mobile platforms," said Gabriel Torok, CEO of PreEmptive Solutions, in a statement.

PreEmptive made its announcement at the recent Microsoft Build 2013 conference in San Francisco.

"We've worked closely with our longstanding partner, PreEmptive Solutions, to create high-quality tools that help teams successfully manage the development lifecycle of modern applications," said Mitra Azizirad, general manager of developer tools marketing and sales at Microsoft, in a statement. "Through its integration with Visual Studio 2013 and Team Foundation Server 2013, PreEmptive Analytics quickly connects development and operations teams, improving the operations team's response time to production incidents and creating a more collaborative development environment."

PreEmptive Solutions' software and managed services monitor, measure and protect applications across cloud, on-premises, Internet and mobile platforms. Leveraging PreEmptive's application analytics and protection solutions, development organizations help to improve application quality, user satisfaction and development ROI across modern distributed and increasingly heterogeneous computing architectures.

"PreEmptive Analytics provides an end-to-end solution connecting development and operations to provide clarity around development priorities, improve application quality and increase operational response," said Sebastian Holst, chief strategy officer at PreEmptive Solutions, in a statement.

Dotfuscator Software Services Community Edition is scheduled to ship with all versions of Visual Studio 2013—other than Visual Studio Express—at no additional charge.

In a separate announcement, PreEmptive recently announced the availability of an analytics API for Microsoft's WinRT and Windows Phone runtimes.

With the PreEmptive API, developers can instrument their C#, C++, VB and JavaScript applications running on WinRT and Windows Phone to transmit session, feature, exception and user behavior telemetry to one—or many—of PreEmptive Solutions' application analytics endpoints.

These APIs include support for opt-in policy enforcement, offline caching when networks are unavailable, efficient data queuing and transmission, SSL encryption on the wire, and a host of other advanced communication, privacy, performance and security features, the company said.

The new API's complement PreEmptive Solutions' existing instrumentation capabilities, including API support for Java, Android, Win 64/32 C++ and JavaScript. In addition to the API portfolio, .NET and Java developers can take advantage of PreEmptive Solutions' ability to inject instrumentation into applications post-compile with no programming required.

The APIs are available to any licensed PreEmptive Analytics Developer User—including those licensed to use PreEmptive Analytics Community Edition included with Visual Studio 2012.