Prism Clears Up Deployment

New Boundary Technologies (formerly Lanovation) has released Prism Deploy.

New Boundary Technologies (formerly Lanovation) has released Prism Deploy, the first post-name-change version of the companys software distribution tool.

Prism Deploy gains useful capabilities. For example, I could define group qualifications, such as the amount of RAM and other hardware characteristics, to assign to software patches. Instead of waiting for the results of an inventory scan, machines could pick up necessary patches without administrator intervention. With the new Active Update agent, machines in my network automatically received updates.

Prism Deploy also gains advanced scheduling options and enhanced scripting language. These features demonstrate New Boundarys prowess in the deployment arena; the product reduces human intervention in basic tasks while making it easy to extend software distributions to machines that were added after the product was installed.

When I added computers to the network after I installed Prism Deploy, these computers were automatically updated to the current Windows service pack, along with other security patches that I had approved for deployment in my test network.

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