Readers Respond: Gesture Recognition Not Ready for Prime Time

Readers respond to the eWEEK editorial, "Gesture Recognition Not Ready for Prime Time."

Thanks for Peter Coffees great Feb. 27 column, "Gesture Recognition Not Ready for Prime Time" or "Thoughtful Gestures" (Epicenters). Having to support 50 or so folks on a daily basis who can barely log on, I think Coffee makes a good point in that developers must be firmly planted in reality.

Having seen "Minority Report," I did like the [MIT Media Lab-developed gesture language] shown that Coffee referred to, but I can imagine 20 people in a low-walled cube farm spending their day that way: It would win on "Americas Funniest Home Videos" hands down.

Actually, Id prefer the virtual reality method of file retrieval that was described in Michael Crichtons book "Disclosure." That way, everyone would be locked in his or her own office and would be spared the sight of my thoughtful gestures.

Chris Lunde