Research In Motion Brings Developers Closer to BlackBerry 10

With the release of the “gold” build of its SDK among other moves, Research In Motion is bringing developers closer to its BlackBerry 10 platform.

As it moves closer to the launch of its BlackBerry 10 platform, Research In Motion recently released the "gold" build of the BlackBerry 10 software development kit.

The "gold" build includes all of the final tools, components, and APIs that will enable developers to create integrated, social applications for BlackBerry 10.

Native C/C++ and Qt developers can use BlackBerry Cascades to build applications that offer deeper integration with core feature elements, such as BlackBerry Hub, than any other mobile platform today, RIM said. HTML5 developers can use BlackBerry WebWorks to create compelling and rich Web applications for BlackBerry 10 devices that deliver native-like performance and take advantage of core integration as well. BlackBerry 10 tools are also available for building with Adobe AIR and porting Android applications to the platform, the company said.

With the BlackBerry 10 launch event less than two months away – slated for Jan. 30, 2013 -- developer interest and excitement for the BlackBerry 10 platform continues to grow, RIM officials said. Top application developers have already committed to BlackBerry 10 in key categories including games, multimedia, business and productivity, published media and social networking.

For example, at the recent BlackBerry Jam Asia conference in Bangkok, RIM showcased more than 70 new top application partners and demonstrated several on the BlackBerry 10 platform including apps from Fox Sports, MTV India, Picstory, Viki Video, and Hot Remit.

Over the past few months, developer outlook toward RIM has improved broadly and significantly. According to a recent Pivot Point Research survey commissioned by RIM, 58 percent of developers surveyed said they would recommend BlackBerry 10 as a development platform, a 123 percent increase from May to October, 2012. The survey also found a steady increase in satisfaction with the BlackBerry 10 platform among developers, growing by 56 percent over the same period.

"We have been actively engaged with developers from around the world for many months and as we near the final weeks toward the launch of BlackBerry 10, the growing dedication and commitment we see from our developer community is truly outstanding," said Alec Saunders, vice president of developer relations and ecosystems at RIM, in a statement. “The focus we have had on building a true developer ecosystem and community is clearly working."

"Working with BlackBerry 10, we have realized the true potential of a platform that offers maximum flexibility for building apps quickly without compromising on performance,” said Jay Krishna, director of solutions and operations at Digitsecure, in a statement. “The seamlessness with which one can do deep integration with device features and also use web technologies is simply amazing. BlackBerry 10, along with the security and connectivity of the BlackBerry platform, offers immense scope for developing consumer and business applications. We are quite excited about the potential that has for applications in the mobile payments space."