RIM Launches New Blog for BlackBerry Developers

Research In Motion launches a blog to serve as a forum for BlackBerry mobile application developers.

Research In Motion has launched a new blog site for BlackBerry application developers.

The BlackBerry Developer's Blog is "focused upon providing solutions for all stages of the BlackBerry development life cycle. The Developer's Blog is a forum [in which] to share best practices, market insight and developer-engagement opportunities with the development community," RIM said on the blog site.

The RIM-hosted blog, launched on Aug. 11, aims to provide the developer community with informative content and "be a key component to the overall BlackBerry Developer Zone experience."

Articles posted on the site's first day live include one on using BlackBerry location-based services and another on the BlackBerry Web development tools that were recently announced for Eclipse and Microsoft Visual Studio developers.

According to RIM, the BlackBerry Developer's Blog will cover three areas:

"??Ç Technical Discussion and Insights - Including best practices for BlackBerry development, code snippets, and general technical information on how to make applications users will come back to time and again.??Ç Market Insight - Discussions of trends and opportunities in mobile development and mobile applications that RIM sees from breathing the mobile industry every single day.??Ç Developer Engagement - We have substantial plans to get more engaged with regional and local developer communities all around the world, from Australia to Argentina and everywhere in between. The BlackBerry Developer's Blog will be used to communicate events in your region and opportunities to meet other BlackBerry developers. "