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In addition, Coffee said the company demonstrated new capabilities in the company's core SAAS (software-as-a-service) solution that will appear in the spring release of the platform.

"Today if you've got someone outside of your organization who asks you a question and you want to reply, you've often got to send a bulky e-mail" with a spreadsheet or some other type of attachment, Coffee said.

However, in the content application for the upcoming spring release of Salesforce, rather than having to deal with a bulky e-mail, all a user would need to do is click on a "display content" button, and all the recipient would need is to have a Web browser and click on a link, "and they will be looking at the folio of documents you wanted to show them without having to download and run an application," he said.

"The model is as close as possible to zero assumptions about infrastructure as you can get," Coffee said.

Mark Chellis, director of channel marketing at Motorola, said, "At Motorola, we are committed to creating an environment of success for our channel partners, which means making it extremely easy to deliver and close opportunities. Salesforce CRM is a one-of-a-kind technology that will help us turbo-charge our channel. We've launched the Salesforce Network for Motorola to offer our business partners the same CRM benefits we've achieved in our business."

Also at Dreamforce, unveiled Sites, a new capability of the platform that will allow customers to run their Web sites in's cloud. Sites will give customers the power to publish data and applications to any Web site, extending their reach to new users on intranets, external Web sites and online communities, the company said.