Introduces for Google App Engine and Google have introduced for the Google App Engine, allowing developers to build Web-based applications using cloud-based infrastructure provided by both companies. has been making aggressive moves into the cloud, including adding capabilities to its Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. announced a new version of for the Google App Engine, a set of tools and services for developers to build applications using cloud-based resources, on May 27.

The new application allows developers to avoid relying on on-premises infrastructure to create new Web-based applications by letting them pull down real-time cloud computing resources from Google and Building Web and business applications directly in the cloud will theoretically streamline the development process.

The newly constructed Web applications will also be able to "leverage enterprise data stored in," according to both companies. for Google App Engine provides developers with, among other features, Java libraries designed to run on Google App Engine, the ability to leverage Java in the scalable App Engine cloud environment, and access to's mobile, analytics, security and sharing models. for Google App Engine also provides an open-source SOAP Web Service client, complete Java docs for the Web service client and the partner SOAP library, and a sample application.

"Developers can harness Google and's real-time cloud computing infrastructures to build and run their applications," Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of, said in a statement. "Building on our work with Google, developers can now take advantage of increasingly powerful cloud computing capabilities in and App Engine." has made aggressive moves into cloud-based computing, focusing on expanding its SAAS (software-as-a-service) capabilities and adding functionality to its two cloud-based platforms, Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. At presentations, it has been touting the ability of clients to either download integrated applications from's AppExchange or build their own apps using the Salesforce cloud.

For the fiscal fourth quarter ended Jan. 31, the company reported record quarterly revenues of $290 million.