Sauce Labs Delivers Selenium-based Sauce Builder

Sauce Labs released Sauce Builder, a Web-application-testing tool based on Selenium.

Sauce Labs, a provider of the Web-application-testing software, has released Sauce Builder, a free testing tool based on the open-source Selenium testing framework.

Announced March 31, Sauce Builder makes it easy for users to build Selenium tests without Selenium expertise and run them with the Sauce OnDemand service. Sauce Builder allows users to build automated Selenium tests simply by clicking through an application. By eliminating the complexity of hand-coding Selenium scripts, Sauce Builder accelerates the adoption of automated testing for QA and development teams. Sauce Builder is free and available for immediate download at

"Automated testing has historically been one of the most complicated, yet most valuable, technologies for companies that build software said John Dunham, CEO of Sauce Labs.

"Automated testing is doubly challenging because teams need to build and maintain a testing environment and on top of that, building tests can require significant technical skill. We launched our Sauce OnDemand cloud service last year to eliminate the headache of maintaining a test infrastructure. Now, with Builder, we've removed the next barrier to the adoption of automated testing, and we're very excited to see how this combination can help QA and development teams achieve their goals."

With Sauce Builder, Sauce Labs continues to simplify and improve the cross-browser testing process for development and QA teams, the company said. Sauce Builder's benefits include the following.

  • Build Selenium tests with zero programming: Simply click through your application and Sauce Builder writes a Selenium scripts that reflect your actions.
  • Export results in the language of your choice: This includes HTML, Java, Groovy, C#, Perl, PHP, Python and Ruby. Your tests will speak the same language as your application and development team.

  • Eliminate bugs faster: Use immediate video-playback of your tests in action, and share them with your teammates.

  • Remove test-infrastructure headaches: Sauce Builder makes it a snap to either run tests locally in Firefox or in the cloud with access to all the browser/operating system combinations supported in the super scalable Sauce OnDemand service.

The Selenium project has seen more than 4 million downloads in four years, placing it among the most popular functional testing frameworks for Web applications. Designed to further expand Selenium adoption, Sauce Builder includes technology Sauce Labs acquired from Go Test It in 2010. After becoming more familiar with the technology post-acquisition, Sauce Labs elected to open source the code under the name "Se Builder" earlier this year because the technology held so much promise for the Selenium community, company officials said.

However, Sauce Builder expands the capabilities of Se Builder by enabling users to directly access Sauce OnDemand, the cloud-based Selenium service, to run their tests. Sauce Labs is leading a collaborative effort with the Selenium community to deliver a new plug-in architecture for Se Builder that among other things will support integrated plug-ins for testing services like Sauce OnDemand.

Adam Christian, a Sauce Labs developer and project lead for Sauce Builder, said, "Debugging takes up valuable time that developers could be using to focus on their applications. Now with Sauce Builder, developers can leverage this great development environment through our cloud-testing infrastructure and not worry about dealing with building or maintaining their own costly testing infrastructure."