Script# vs. Google GWT: May the Best AJAX Tool Win

It's not clear whether Microsoft Web architect Nikhil Kothari's pet scripting project will become part of the company's growing family of 'Sharp' languages. But Kothari's first Script# prototype is gaining traction. (Microsoft Watch)

On the heels of Googles announcement of a Java-based development framework for AJAX, a Microsoft Web architect has unveiled a tool designed to provide C# developers with similar AJAX programming capabilities.

Nikhil Kothari, an architect on Microsofts Web platform and tools team, posted for download in late May a first prototype of Script#, his homegrown C# framework and tool for AJAX development.

"Yep, I am finally publicly sharing a spare time project Ive been working on the side in an off and on manner for some time now," Kothari wrote in his blog.

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AJAX is the name of a Web programming model, which translates roughly to "Asynchronous JavaScript and XML."

Adaptive Path, a Web design consultancy, coined the AJAX moniker.

C# is Microsofts object-oriented .Net programming language that many consider a head-to-head competitor with Sun Microsystems Java.

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Google, for its part, unveiled a rival Java development framework and tool, known as the GWT (Google Web Toolkit) at the JavaOne conference in mid-May.

Dion Almaer, an AJAX expert and co-founder of, said he believes Script# will go head-to-head against Googles GWT for developer mind share.

"I think that Script# is combating the same need: Developers on platform X want to stay using the language/tools that they like," Almaer said.

"If X equals Java they will use GWT; if X equals C# they will use Script#."

Microsofts Kothari did not respond to a request by the time this article was published for additional information on how, when and whether Microsoft is interested in commercializing Script#.

But Kothari did blog some details on his plans for his pet project.

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