Security Web Digest: Intrusion Detection Upgrade, AVDL Committee, New Peakflow X Ships... and More

Application Vulnerability Description Language could bring security interoperability... Zone Labs Integrity 2.2 announced... Neoteris and Netegrity announce partnership... and more from around the web


NetScreen Technologies on Monday unveiled a software upgrade to its intrusion-detection and prevention product line. The upgrade addresses vulnerabilities in instant messaging and peer-to-peer file sharing applications. The latest version of the NetScreen IDP software, available for the NetScreen-IDP 10, 100, and 500, includes attack detection and prevention for instant messaging and file exchange protocols including MSN, IRC, Yahoo Messenger, Gnutella, and AOL.

RSA Conference

Security vendors on Monday unveiled a proposed standard that would enable their products to communicate with one another. The application vulnerability description language, or AVDL, would give enterprises the option of mixing products rather than buying application suites from one vendor. The Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards, an international standards body knownas OASIS, has established a technical committee for developing AVDL. The committee, which is scheduled to hold its first meeting May 15, is expected to release a final AVDL specification by the fourth quarter of this year.

Arbor Networks on Monday announced general availability of Peakflow X, an enterprise security solution to monitor network traffic and generate real time alerts on abnormal behavior. The product also allows enterprises to continually reconcile their intended security policy with actual operational practice.

Zone Labs on Monday announced Zone Labs Integrity 2.2, a new version of the companys centrally-managed endpoint security solution. Integrity 2.2 safeguards enterprise networks from penetration by malicious code or targeted attacks with its combination of protection for every network endpoint along with central security management and enforcement capabilities.

Neoteris, an instant secure application access vendor, on Monday announced its partnership with Netegrity, a provider of identity and access management solutions. The integration between Netegrity Site Minder software and Neoteris Instant Virtual Extranet is designed to enable single sign-on in the companys environments so users need to log on only once, regardless of whether the application is accessed via the Neoteris IVE or through an application secured by Netegrity SiteMinder.