Serena Launches Mashup Maker

Serena will not only offer Mashup Composer, formerly codenamed "Vail," but also a related online marketplace.

Serena Software on Sept. 10 is officially announcing the launch of its Serena Mashup Composer, formerly codenamed "Vail," for the point-and-click creation of business mashups.

The San Mateo, Calif., company announced and demonstrated its new technology at its Serena xChange 2007 Conference in Chicago in August, where company CEO Jeremy Burton gave a keynote that highlighted the companys direction for its new offering.

Burton said at the time that just as Web 2.0 technologies have made it possible for millions to create custom Web applications using open APIs and tools from companies such as Google and Facebook, Serena Mashup Composer makes it easy to visually design business mashups that automate common business activities. This new approach enables power users in the business and IT to quickly address their everyday needs, while freeing scarce application development resources to focus on more complex tasks, he said.


Click here to read more about Serenas Vail.

Moreover, to accelerate the creation and use of business mashups, Serena also will provide an online marketplace where users can find, buy and sell pre-packaged mashups, Web services and professional services. This marketplace, the Serena Mashup Exchange, will spur a revolution in the way that partners and end-users collaborate to confront the "long tail" of IT applications—projects that individually are too small to warrant dedicated IT support yet, when taken collectively, represent tremendous business opportunity, Burton said.

In addition, he said the new Serena Mashup Exchange will use SOA (service-oriented architecture) and SAAS (software-as-a-service) to deliver the online marketplace where partners will build, buy and sell business mashups.

Serena plans to make its Mashup Composer available for free late this year; however, users can test the software now by clicking here. The Serena Mashup Server also will be generally available for on-premise deployment or as a SAAS beta in late 2007. Pricing for the server will come later. Meanwhile, the Serena Mashup Exchange will open to the public in early 2008, and will include contributions from many types of business users and channel organizations, the company said.


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