Serena to Launch Mashup Exchange

Serena will launch its mashup exchange and partnership with Capgemini.

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Serena Software will announce the launch of its Serena Mashup Exchange at the Web 2.0 expo in San Francisco April 22.

The Serena Mashup Exchange is an online marketplace for accelerating the creation and use of what the Redwood City, Calif., company calls business mashups.

Serena officials said the exchange will enable business users and internal IT departments as well as consulting and channel partners to be able to find, buy and sell prepackaged mashups, Web services and professional services without kicking out any fees or commissions to Serena.

The Serena Mashup Exchange enables users to create on-demand communities and allows companies to create private MicroExchanges for secure internal interchange between IT and business units.

However, enterprise users also can create open communities for public access, debate, collaboration and crowd-sourcing. By using HiveLive's LiveConnect Community Platform, Serena can allow its customers to build a variety of private or public MicroExchanges.

The Mashup Exchange also provides what Serena officials call "mashables," or building blocks such as template workflows, mashup components and Web services needed to build their own mashups, the company said.

"Our Mashup Exchange aims to encourage innovation and collaboration among business users to solve problems common to businesses of any size, and also ensure that IT governance standards are upheld," said Jeremy Burton, CEO of Serena.

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In addition to the Serena Mashup Exchange, Serena is slated to announce a partnership with Capgemini where the two companies are helping enterprises bring new Web-based, consumer-oriented technology into the enterprise to try to solve business problems without having to go to IT.

Capgemini's RAIN, which is short for RApid INnovation, is a platform to help companies discover, develop and deliver sustainable new business models to create an SOE (service-oriented enterprise), officials of the New York-based international consulting firm said.

"Companies need to become faster and more responsive to changes in the marketplace. This shift will only happen if the organization from the ground up adopts rapid innovation approaches and Web 2.0 technologies," said Andy Mulholland, CTO of Capgemini and co-author of "Mashup Corporations: The End of Business as Usual."

"Serena Business Mashups technology combined with Capgemini's rapid design and deployment services gives enterprises everything they need to get started today," Burton said.