Shippable, Arm, Packet Join for Arm v8-A Integration Platform

Developers in the Arm ecosystem can now build and validate their software on native machines quickly and efficiently.


DevOps tool maker Shippable revealed July 12 that it is in business with chipmaker Arm and bare-metal cloud services provider Packet to deliver the first native-hosted Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) platform for developers working on software applications for Arm v8-A architecture.

Through this collaboration, Shippable said it will provide access to a hosted CI/CD solution that uses on-demand Arm-based machines from Packet’s cloud, enabling open source and commercial software projects to build and validate their software against a variety of datacenter-grade machines.

This is a very specialized part of the application development world but an area that is growing in interest as Arm becomes more influential in enterprise cloud systems.

Shippable Server, which came out last year, has established itself as a key DevOps-type tool. It unifies all of a company’s DevOps tools and processes into so-called "software assembly lines" that provide visibility, traceability and audit trails across the end-to-end software delivery workflow, the Seattle-based company said.

As the adoption of the Armv8-A architecture continues to grow, Shippable CEO Avi Cavale told eWEEK, “it is important for organizations to have easy access to a CI/CD platform that natively supports Arm and doesn’t require resources and effort to set up and manage. Quick and easy access to native test infrastructure enables Arm developers to significantly improve productivity and reliability with fast builds and identification of bugs earlier in the development process.”

Cavale said Shippable is addressing this demand with a package that offers hosted build and test infrastructure with no installation or management overhead.

Arm developers working on open source projects can now run their build and test workflows for free on 32-bit and 64-bit Arm-based machines from Packet’s Cloud. Commercial projects can use their own Arm node and use Shippable to execute their software validation workflows, the company said.

Shippable is available as a SaaS service here and as an on-premises server that can be deployed on any cloud or datacenter.

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Chris Preimesberger

Chris J. Preimesberger

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