Siebel CRM Targets Service Providers

During the next couple of weeks, software provider Siebel Systems will roll out a new version of its customer-relationship management software aimed specifically at communications service providers.

The latest general-purpose version of Siebels software, Siebel 7, was launched Nov. 16. Now, the company is out talking up industry-specific versions of the platform.

One of Siebel 7s features that should appeal to service providers is its Smart Web Architecture, which makes creating new customer entries easier and faster, says Dan Ford, general manager of Siebels communications and media business.

To create a subscriber entry using a traditional HTML CRM application, it would take 19 clicks, 24 page refreshes, 209 round trips to the server and nearly 1 megabit of bandwidth, but using Siebels Smart Web Architecture, it only takes 6 clicks, 1 page refresh, 18 round trips to the server and 150 kilobits of bandwidth, Ford explains. "Traditional HTML technology is not really what our clients want," he says. "They want the highly interactive experience typically associated with Windows. Thats not available in traditional HTML."

Specifically for service providers, Siebel eCommunications 7.0 delivers improved support for network services such as frame relay, ATM and Centrex; the ability to handle bulk orders; and an easier interface for modifying workflow processes. The software also offers pre-built interfaces for operations support systems from companies such as Syndesis, Micromuse, Kenan Systems and Portal Software.

"With every release of our software, were can deliver more functionality out of the box," Ford says.