SOA Software Acquires Blue Titan

SOA Software buys Blue Titan to bolster its service-oriented architecture infrastructure platform. The move indicates further consolidation in the SOA space.

SOA Software, a maker of service-oriented architecture and Web services software, announced May 8 that it has acquired Blue Titan Software, a Web services networking company.

The companies did not disclose financial details of the deal.

Roberto Medrano, executive vice president of SOA Software, in Santa Monica, Calif., said Blue Titan brings multiple implementations of asynchronous and reliable messaging standards; a bridge between different implementations of a wide range of standards, synchronicity and a programming model; and broad interoperability between the many different ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) implementations to SOA Software.

/zimages/1/28571.gifSOA Software rolls out a registry-independent SOA suite. Click here to read more.

"The platform neutrality is an important factor here because companies are finding that when they take the platform/ESB approach to SOA infrastructure, they still need a way to handle mediation among various platforms and integration technologies—middleware for their middleware, if you will," said Jason Bloomberg, an analyst with ZapThink, in Cambridge, Mass. "The only way out of this Catch-22 is to implement a scalable, enterprise-class mediation/management/security solution along with whatever ESBs or other integration infrastructure is already in place. Thats just what SOA Software has put together."

Meanwhile, Medrano said SOA Software will benefit from some of the partnering opportunities that San Francisco-based Blue Titan brings to the company. One such opportunity is Blue Titans existing relationship with SAP, Medrano said.

"SOA Software has really turned the corner and is on track to become the first $100 million vendor with a SOA-specific offering," Bloomberg said. "SOA Software was already strong in the areas of security, management and run-time governance, while Blue Titan brings enterprise-class mediation to the fold. The combination is a powerful platform-neutral SOA infrastructure play."

Frank Martinez, founder, chief executive and chief technology officer of Blue Titan, will become executive vice president of the combined company and will focus on product strategy, he told eWEEK in an interview.

Meanwhile, "the combination of SOA Softwares governance, security and management products with our mediation technologies creates solutions that meet all of a customers SOA infrastructure needs," Martinez said in a statement.

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