SolarMetric Adds EJB Support to Mapping Tech

Kodo JDO, SolarMetric's implementation of the Java Data Objects standard, now will include support for Enterprise Java Beans 3.0. The company calls Kodo a "high-performance, scalable, flexible O/R mapping core."

With Enterprise Java Beans 3.0 a key theme at this weeks JavaOne conference, SolarMetric will announce and preview its technology for EJB 3.0.

SolarMetric Inc. will introduce EJB support for its Kodo object/relational mapping technology at JavaOne in San Francisco, said Neelan Choksi, president of the Austin, Texas, company.

Choksi said more than 350 customers use Kodo JDO, SolarMetrics implementation of the JDO (Java Data Objects) standard, and that with EJB 3.0 support, Kodo will be among the first tools to enable users to leverage both the JDO and EJB 3.0 specifications.

"We believe our interoperability strategy will allow customers to take advantage of the investments made previously in JDO technology, choose the right technology for their given project/domain problem, and mix and match depending on what is best for their situation," Choksi said.

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SolarMetric is involved in both the JDO and EJB standardization efforts in the Java Community Process, Choksi said.

"Since our inception, SolarMetric has focused on developer productivity and reduced software cost through standards-based persistence solutions," Choksi said in a statement.

"Kodo is the high-performance, scalable, flexible O/R mapping core that is the basis for our products, Kodo JDO and for Kodo for EJB 3," he said. "Developers using the Kodo product suite will be able to leverage both the EJB 3 specification and the JDO 2 specification, employing the best of both worlds side-by-side."

Kodo JDO is available for purchase, and Kodo for EJB 3 is available in prerelease form to gather feedback for the EJB 3.0 specification team.

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