SourceLabs AMP Stack Integrates Apache, MySQL and PHP

The first release of the company's integrated, open-source stack of infrastructure software has been certified for reliability, security and scalability under the CERT7 testing program.

SourceLabs on Wednesday announced the first release of its integrated, open-source stack of infrastructure software.

The Seattle startup announced the release of its SourceLabs AMP Stack, a distribution of open-source software—including the Apache Web server, the MySQL database and the PHP development environment (AMP)—that has been tested and certified for reliability, security and scalability, said Byron Sebastian, chief executive at SourceLabs Inc.

"Were releasing a rendition of the AMP stack that weve tested in datacenter-like environments," Sebastian said.

"Were offering enterprise customers dependable, open systems," he said. "Lack of confidence was a key reason people were shying away from open source, and were bridging the confidence gap."

The SourceLabs AMP Stack integrates Apache, MySQL and PHP in an integrated stack that has been tested under the CERT7 testing program, Sebastian said.

SourceLabs is providing its stack free of charge. "People can download it free of charge, and the model is well provide support and maintenance for it for a fee," Sebastian said.

SourceLabs CERT7 testing process covers seven areas: scalability, reliability, stress, failover, security, regression, and whole system and unit testing. The initial version of the SourceLabs stack has been tested against three of the seven areas: security, scalability and unit functional testing, Sebastian said.

"Were releasing a round of test data, and were releasing the test scripts we used to generate the tests," Sebastian said.

"We performed a 72-hour burn-in acceptance test utilizing a subset of the CERT7 scalability tests, resulting in 70 to 100 percent CPU utilization on a two-CPU, hyperthreaded machine, confirming the absence of detectable memory leaks for these scenarios," said Cornelius Willis, vice president of SourceLabs.

Willis said SourceLabs performed more than 7,000 individual security checks, "showing that a number of potential security vulnerabilities exist in default configurations of components of the AMP stack. We configured the AMP stack to protect against these vulnerabilities."

In addition, Willis said SourceLabs performed CERT7 scalability tests in three areas: static HTML, computational PHP and database scalability.

Sebastian said the SourceLabs AMP Stack is certified on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Version 3.2, and the company plans to release a version of the AMP stack certified for Windows.

In addition, he said SourceLabs announced it has joined the MySQL Network Certified Partner Program and will resell access to the MySQL Network later this year as part of SourceLabs support and maintenance subscriptions.

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"To promote the new stack, we are also announcing a maven contest in our forums," Willis said. "Users that download our AMP stack and provide feedback, make clever puns, ask or answer questions in our forum qualify for the grand prize: a 100-watt Marshall guitar amplifier and a Fender Stratocaster electric guitar. Just like the SourceLabs AMP stack, this is the kit that will let you go to 11.

"Each Friday afternoon for 11 weeks, we will be giving away a weekly prize consisting of an iPod Shuffle and a DVD copy of the movie This Is Spinal Tap, culminating in the announcement of our grand-prize winner on June 10."

Meanwhile, earlier this month, OpenLogic Inc., based in Broomfield, Colo., announced Version 3.1 of its BlueGlue Open-Source Infrastructure Management Suite.

The BlueGlue suite is sold as an an-nual subscription for $399 per user. The suite includes commercial-grade, open-source software stacks from more than 100

Version 3.1 delivers new Eclipse plug-ins, new enterprise risk management capabilities and updates to Version 3.0 projects, as well as nine new open-source projects and six new sample applications, said Andy Grolnick, co-founder and vice president of OpenLogic.

Grolnick said BlueGlue Version 3.1 includes more choice and time-saving tools for Web application developers. Spring, Tapestry, WebWork and JavaServer Faces/MyFaces have been added to Struts, giving developers five popular Web frameworks to choose from, he said. Also, the DisplayTag library and Web application testing tools JWebUnit and StrutsTestCase have been added.

OpenLogic also announced new funding and additions to its management team. The company announced that it had received a $4 million round of venture capital funding with Appian Ventures, Red Rock Ventures, Highway 12 Ventures and Village Ventures.

OpenLogic also announced the additions of Doug Barre as chairman, Rob Balgley as a member of the companys board of directors, and Greg Orzech as vice president of sales. Barre was most recently the chief operating officer at Borland Software Corp., Balgley is CEO of SkyeTek Inc. and was CEO of Jabber Inc., and Orzech served as senior vice president of worldwide sales at VA Software Corp.

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