SpringSource Announces Spring Integration

The new open-source technology will help smooth the path to SOA environments, company officials say.

HOLLYWOOD, Fla.—SpringSource, the maker of the Spring Framework, is introducing a new technology offering, Spring Integration, at its annual user conference here.

SpringSource, formerly known as Interface21, on Dec. 13 unveiled Spring Integration during a presentation by Mark Fisher, a SpringSource senior software engineer. Spring Integration is a framework for building enterprise integration solutions.

Meanwhile, officials at SpringSource said the Spring Integration framework provides a simple model for creating message-driven systems by encapsulating the internal complexities of the systems. That way the business components of a system can be declaratively configured without knowledge of the integration infrastructure. Then Spring Integration delivers Inversion of Control principles to the run-time arena.

In addition, the new technology delivers adapters to handle integration with common I/O sources. This builds on capabilities that already exist in the Spring Framework, such as Java Message Service, remoting, e-mail and scheduling, in addition to task execution, lifecycle management, dynamic languages, aspect-oriented programming, event publication and subscription, and transaction management.

SpringSource CEO Rod Johnson said Spring Integration represents a key direction for Spring developers who are looking to build service-oriented, message-driven applications.

Spring Integration will evolve along with other Spring portfolio projects, with the goal being to smooth the way for a move toward service-oriented and event-driven architecture. Spring Integration also provides a range of extension points—including I/O adapters, content-based routers, content enrichers, message filters and message translators, the company said. This will enable developers to add specific components and will promote partnering opportunities.

Essentially, Spring Integration will enable users to tie the various projects in the Spring Portfolio together, Johnson said.

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