SpringSource Conference to Focus on Spring 3.0, VMware

SpringSource, a division of VMware, will hold its fifth annual developer conference, SpringOne 2GX, in New Orleans Oct. 19 to 22. Highlights of the show are expected to include Spring 3.0, integration of SpringSource technology with VMware (which acquired SpringSource in August), and greater adoption of Groovy and Grails into the SpringSource portfolio.

SpringSource, a division of VMware, will hold its fifth annual SpringOne 2GX developer conference in New Orleans from Oct. 19 to 22.

The event will host hundreds of developers "representing the community of more than 3 million users of SpringSource-inspired products" such as the Spring Framework, SpringSource said in a news release Oct. 15. SpringSource officials said the 2009 event will feature more than 80 presentations by speakers who are development leads or have created products or published materials on SpringSource technologies such as Spring, Groovy/Grails, Tomcat and Hyperic.

"Platinum sponsors include: VMware, Accenture, Adobe [Systems] and Microsoft; Gold sponsors [are] Blu Age, Alfresco and Terracotta; and Silver sponsors [are] Chariot Solutions, Orange and Bronze Software Labs, Rivet Logic, Skyway Software, [and] BIRTExchange by Actuate," SpringSource said.

"Developers are using VMware and SpringSource solutions together to streamline Java application development and deployment," Parag Patel, vice president of alliances at VMware, said in a Sept. 28 statement about SpringOne 2GX. "Together, our products provide a superior end-to-end platform for the whole applications life cycle-from building an application simply and rapidly, to running it with all the benefits of virtualization, to managing it for optimum performance and availability. We're excited to sponsor SpringOne for the second year running because the event provides Spring developers with tools to simplify Java application development, from the desktop to the data center to the cloud."

SpringOne 2GX will be the company's first major public event since its acquisition by VMware in August. Rod Johnson, founder of Spring and general manager of SpringSource, will open the event on Oct. 19 with a keynote address.

Some of the key developer-focused sessions at the conference will include:

""??Ç What's New in Spring 3.0 ... The talk discusses Spring as a modern Java 5 oriented application framework.??Ç Spring DI Styles: Choosing the Right Tool for the Job ... This talk is a hands-on tour of the new dependency injection features in Spring 3.0.??Ç Working With Spring Web Flow ... This session dives deep into the features of the Web Flow 2 definition language and illustrates how to use it to create sophisticated controller modules.""

SpringSource is a self-described "leader in Java application infrastructure and management," and is one of the hottest names in the enterprise Java space. "Spring is the de facto standard programming model for enterprise Java applications and has been downloaded more than 6 million times. Apache Tomcat is the world's most popular application server while Groovy is one of the most popular alternative languages for JVM [Java Virtual Machine]. Interest in Grails, a rapid Web application development framework based on Groovy and Spring adoption, is rapidly growing and Hyperic is the leading Web application performance monitoring and management software used by thousands of companies worldwide," the company said in the Sept. 28 statement.