Sun Delivers on GlassFish

Version 3 is under development and will be an evolution of the current line.

SANTA CLARA, Calif.—Sun Microsystems delivered in September the second version of GlassFish, its project to build a free, open-source application server to implement the newest features in the Java Enterprise Edition 5 platform, and has more projects on the way.

When the second-generation Java Enterprise Edition 5-compliant application server was delivered, customers did not have to choose between open source or the enterprise as the product is fully open source but also completely enterprise-ready, said Eduardo Pelegri-Liopart, on Oct. 15 at Suns Open Source Summit press event here.

A number of projects based on GlassFish are under way, including the Metro Web services stack, OpenMWQ and the enterprise OpenPortal, he said.


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GlassFish Version 3 is under development and will be an evolution of the current line. It will be fully modular with a 100KB kernel and multiflexible with multiple classloaders.

"This code forms the basis for Java Virtual Machine-based server-side software, from simple Web appliances to jRuby, Scala and PHP, to Web services routers and gateways, all the way to a full enterprise application server," Pelegri-Liopart said.


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The project, which has 40 individual contributors in addition to the many corporate partners, relies on close user feedback, resulting in a high-quality and agile development model, he said.

"Project governance is following that of the OpenJDK model, and I already have four of the five interim governance board members lined up," Pelegri-Liopart said.


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