Sun Fuels Web Services Deployment

Sun today unveiled new tools to accelerate Web services deployment.

Sun Microsystems Inc. Tuesday announced its Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) Application Services Reference Architecture to accelerate Web services deployment.

Ravi Pendekanti, Sun Solutions Marketing Director, said the Sun ONE Application Services Reference Architecture addresses the complexity, time constraints and other Web services deployment issues enterprises face by providing pre-designed, deployed, tested, tuned and documented Web services solutions based on the Sun ONE architecture and Sun Fire servers.

Pendekanti said the Sun ONE Reference Architectures can be configured and integrated on systems at Sun prior to shipping, through the Sun Customer Ready Systems (Sun CRS) Program, further accelerating application deployment.

"This is where the rubber meets the road," Pendekanti said. He said this is the fifth in a series of reference architectures Sun has released over the last three quarters. The others were for data warehousing and business intelligence, mail and messaging, and management and operations, he said.

The Sun ONE Application Services Reference Architecture includes the Sun ONE Application Server, Pendekanti said. He said Bank of America, an early user of the architecture, implemented the Sun ONE Application Server and has experienced significant savings in time and costs. Bank of America was not available for comment.

Pendekanti said with the new reference architecture for Application services, Sun has eliminated the guesswork involved in putting together systems by offering recommended solutions "for everything from the access point downward" in an application services or Web services solution.

The Sun ONE platform is a key component of the reference architecture, he said, as well as Solaris and Suns servers.

"The reference architecture doesnt meet 100 percent of each customers need, but even if we can get 50 percent or 60 percent thats a lot," Pendekanti said.

He said other early customers who have used the reference architecture come from the financial services industry and the health care industry.

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