Sun Releases GlassFish 3 Preview

Sun delivers a preview release of its GlassFish Enterprise Server Version 3 and new GlassFish Communications Server.

SAN FRANCISCO-Sun Microsystems rolled out a preview release of the latest version of its application server, Sun Glassfish Enterprise Server Version 3, at the JavaOne conference here on May 7.

In addition to the new version of the enterprise application server, Sun and the GlassFish community announced the availability of a preview of the new Sun GlassFish Communications Server.

Sun also introduced a GlassFish Partner initiative designed to provide developers, ISVs and System Integrators with access to a large number of frameworks and applications running on the GlassFish application server. GlassFish Enterprise Server Version 3 can be accessed at

Sun officials said GlassFish has had more than 7 million downloads since its first release in May 2005. Meanwhile, the new release simplifies Web 2.0-style application development with a new modular architecture that developers can use with specific versions of Java technology optimized for their applications. Version 3 also features an update center that will notify users about component updates, enabling on-demand downloads.

Sun plans to use the technology preview as a means of getting feedback from users on what to include in the final commercial version of the technology.

The new GlassFish Communications Server is based on Project SailFin, a GlassFish project to build a SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) communications server. Project SailFin is the result of collaboration between Sun and Ericsson that aims to give developers access to the telecommunications technologies they need to develop next-generation instant messaging, VOIP (voice over IP) and shared multimedia applications on the Web.

The GlassFish Communications Server is scheduled to be available after the Java Community Process finalizes the JSR 289 specification, which is expected in the third quarter of 2008.

In a related announcement, Sun introduced a marketing initiative for Sun Partner Advantage Program members designed to connect GlassFish solution providers to the GlassFish user and developer community. Details are available here.

The program's goal is to foster collaboration among developers, ISVs, hosting providers and SIs. Companies such as ICEsoft, Terracotta and Zeus Technology have joined the effort, Sun officials said.

Sun also announced that it is expanding Project GlassFish with the creation of the GlassFish ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) community. The ESB community will help enable the development and collaboration of global services using JBI (Java Business Integration)-based technologies for orchestration and composition of new and existing services, the company said.