Sun Releases NetBeans 5.0 Beta

A new beta of the open-source Java application development platform includes a new GUI builder and support for IDE modules.

Sun Microsystems Inc. has released a new beta of the NetBeans open-source Java application development platform.

NetBeans 5.0 delivers several new features including support for developing IDE (integrated development environment) modules, a new GUI builder known as Matisse, support for BEA Systems Inc.s WebLogic as well as the open-source JBoss application servers.

The new version of NetBeans also offers enhanced support for the open-source CVS version control system and for Web frameworks, Web services and other features.

In addition, NetBeans 5.0 features new add-on packs including the NetBeans Collaboration system that enables developers to communicate live with other developers to share and discuss code.

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Another add-on is the Mobility Pack for writing, testing and debugging applications for Java Micro Edition (Java ME), and the NetBeans Profiler to help developers optimize their applications memory and CPU usage.

NetBeans 5.0s support for building IDE plug-in modules and rich client applications employs the new releases New Project and New File wizards to generate files and code.

Meanwhile, the Matisse GUI builder extends the NetBeans 4.1 Form Editor, Sun officials said.

And in addition to new support for WebLogic 9 and JBoss 4, NetBeans 5.0 features enhanced support for the Tomcat Web Server. Of course, NetBeans also supports the Sun Java Application server 8.1.

Also, NetBeans 5.0 features enhanced support for JSF (JavaServer Faces) and Struts Web frameworks.

NetBeans 5.0 enables developers to specify whether they want to use JSF or Struts and the IDE will add all the JSF or Struts libraries to their application, as well as all the relevant configuration files.

The new version of NetBeans also allows for creation of Web services clients in Java SE (Java Standard Edition). NetBeans 5.0 features a new wizard for creating WSDL (Web Services Description Language) files directly in the IDE and use them to generate Web service files.

Moreover, NetBeans 5.0 features enhanced code completion capabilities, new refactoring support, enhanced support for CVS (Concurrent Versions System), debugging and more.

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