Sun Ships JavaFX Rich Internet Application Platform - Page 2

Indeed, among the many innovations in JavaFX is the Java platform's Drag-to-Install feature, allowing end users for the first time ever to simply drag and drop JavaFX applications from their browsers onto their desktops, Sun officials said. End users will now be able to move applets that are running in their browser directly onto their desktop, providing a widgetlike experience for all of their Java applications and applets, the company said.

Developers and Web designers can download JavaFX 1.0 here. Full product details, more than 80 code samples and applications, tutorials, articles, and documentation for JavaFX can be found there.

Schwartz said Sun's JavaFX 1.0 platform opens a vast global market for developers and Web designers who want to deploy their content, services and experiences across all the screens of their customers' lives. Worldwide industry estimates show that Java is already on more than 90 percent of desktops and laptops, and 85 percent of mobile devices, and is a technology leader in next-generation televisions, Blu-ray disc players and TV set-top boxes.

Schwartz said the dominant distribution channel for new software has been the browser-either Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Mozilla's Firefox or others, now including the Google Chrome browser, but each of those platforms come with various issues. "It's in that void that the Java platform has arisen" as a distribution vehicle, he said. "We're on almost every handset in the marketplace, we have additional distribution on the desktop, and we're distributed across every market in the world," Schwartz said.

Backing up Schwartz's claims, Sun officials said that with more than 6.5 million software developers around the world, Java is one of the most popular software platforms and is present on more than 800 million desktop computers and over 6 billion Internet-connected devices.