Sun Ships JavaFX Rich Internet Application Platform - Page 3

Moreover, JavaFX extends the capabilities of the Java platform with graphics, animation and high-fidelity audio and video, the company said. And it enables developers to build powerful, more capable and secure RIAs and easily integrate them with new or existing enterprise back-end systems and online Web services. Web services support also allows rapid development of both mashups and enterprise applications, Sun officials said.

"The RIA market continues to grow as consumers demand applications that provide rich, media-centric, interactive experiences," said Eric Klein, vice president of Java marketing at Sun, in a statement. "The availability of JavaFX 1.0 is the next milestone in Sun's strategy to enable immersive media and content across all the screens of life-desktops, browsers, mobile devices and TV. JavaFX 1.0 provides developers and Web designers with a rich, expressive experience and a unified development and deployment model that allows them to quickly create the next generation of RIAs that seamlessly blend form and function."

Moreover, Singh said JavaFX offers a shortened production cycle for both Java developers and Web designers and makes it easy to create applications integrating graphics, video, audio, animation and rich text. Also, using the new JavaFX mobile emulator, developers can preview their applications on the forthcoming JavaFX mobile platform, which will be available to Sun's mobile partners in spring 2009.

In conjunction with the release of JavaFX 1.0, "We've started working with design shops as well as enterprise developers to start getting direct feedback," Singh said. "They are writing applications in Java, but JavaFX provides a rich presentation layer.

"Our labs have been working on a project to enable developers to take JavaScript and have it work in combination with JavaFX APIs to create their applications. They can take JavaScript and make it work with the JavaFX scripting model."

However, because JavaFX is based on Java, "it's ease of learning, familiarity and choice that this platform [JavaFX] delivers," Singh said.

Also, in support of JavaFX, Sun is offering a new seminar and workshop for Web developers and Java programmers that teaches how to use JavaFX for developing RIAs. The educational support shows how to use JavaFX to create animations and effects, add multimedia to applications, and incorporate Java into JavaFX applications.