Sun Updates Sun Studio Tools

Sun Microsystems releases the Sun Studio 12 Update 1 software, the latest version of its suite of compilers and tools for the Solaris 10 Operating System, Open Solaris and leading Linux platforms. The tool set is for C, C++ and Fortran developers, and includes new debuggers, visualization technology and support for parallelism.

Sun Microsystems June 23 announced the release of Sun Studio 12 Update 1 software, the latest version of its suite of compilers and tools for the Solaris 10 Operating System, Open Solaris and leading Linux platforms.

Sun Studio is aimed at C, C++ and Fortran developers. The tool set consists of a number of tools for application developers, including parallelizing compilers, debuggers, advanced thread and performance analysis tools, and libraries that "help simplify the creation of high-performance applications and provide an optimized development environment for the latest multicore x86 and SPARC-based systems," said Dan Roberts, Sun's director of product management for data center software.

Roberts said Sun Studio 12 Update 1 is a major upgrade of the tool set that saw its last major upgrade two years ago. The software is available for download at

"Sun Studio 12 Update 1 supports parallel development with features that help developers debug multithreaded code, isolate common thread issues and profile thread execution for performance problems. The updated software also offers support for the OpenMP 3.0 API specification, including the new tasking model," Roberts said. Moreover, "Sun Studio 12 Update 1 improves developer productivity with an updated integrated development environment (IDE) and delivers a new stand-alone GUI debugger, called dbxTool," a code-level debugger that helps to identify memory issues, such as leaks, access errors and usage.

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"In addition to profiling shared memory applications, Sun Studio 12 Update 1 now adds profiling functionality for distributed MPI-based applications based on a wide variety of MPI run-times, including Sun HPC ClusterTools software," the company said in a news release.

"Sun Studio 12 Update 1 software is not only significant in helping developers take applications to the next level of performance, but it is also leading the industry with tooling that allows developers to more easily create parallel and concurrent software applications on today's and tomorrow's platforms," Jim McHugh, Sun's vice president of data center software marketing, said in a statement. "With more than 20,000 developers participating in our Express and Early Access programs, this release is full of functionality driven by and for the developer community."

Roberts said Sun Studio 12 Update 1 introduces DLight, a visual profiling tool based on the DTrace (Dynamic Tracing) technology in the Solaris OS. "In addition, new parallel features help simplify the development of multithreaded and distributed applications," the company said. With tuned routines, high-performance computing, financial and other computing-intensive applications will benefit from a performance boost, Sun officials said.

In addition, Roberts said, "Sun offers a tiered set of support services for developer software, including Sun Studio software, which ranges from single-incident to comprehensive developer plans. ... With a broad portfolio of training and certification offerings, developers can enhance their skill sets to take advantage of cutting-edge technologies." For more information on Sun's developer services go to