Symphoniq Monitors RIA Performance

The company's TrueView 2.0 will give developers greater visibility into their AJAX, Flash and Silverlight applications.

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Symphoniq is expected to announce TrueView 2.0, the latest version of its user monitoring system optimized for Web 2.0 and rich Internet applications, at the O'Reilly Web 2.0 Expo April 22 in San Francisco.

Hon Wong, co-founder and CEO of Symphoniq, told eWEEK that the company designed the TrueView 2.0 Web application management and performance monitoring tool as an extensible architecture aimed at supporting all major RIA platforms. TrueView 2.0's capabilities include real-user monitoring and diagnostics for AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight to monitor how use and performance are affecting the end user, Wong said.

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"We founded Symphoniq to provide solutions for Web application performance management," Wong said.

TrueView 2.0 helps organizations ensure user performance levels for their RIAs via tagging and tracing problem transactions to provide visibility in heterogeneous environments.

"With SOA [service-oriented architecture], SAAS [software as a service], and now Web 2.0 and RIA complexity, you need to monitor usage more closely," he said. "The benefit of TrueView is it lets you know what real users are doing and identifies problems quickly. We offer an early-warning and quick-response capability."

TrueView 2.0 provides support for tagging and tracing page- and non-page-based requests through every tier of an application stack, isolating performance problems at the server, service, method call or SQL query level, Wong said.

He said Symphonic wants "to drive the number of production problems down and eliminate the issue of making developers have to address production problems. Our TRUE [The Real User Experience] family of products uses real users and real transactions to detect and isolate Web performance problems in real time. TrueView 2.0 represents the evolution of our TRUE technology to address the changing needs of the market so our customers can optimize their Web application and infrastructure performance."

"With this adoption comes a genuine risk of performance degradation," Gartner analyst Ray Valdes said. "With low latency likely being the single-most important factor in driving a positive user experience, it is essential to monitor the applications so that user behavior can be analyzed and understood in the context of business activity, and the page flow tuned appropriately."