Tasktop Launches Software Lifecycle Integration, New Eclipse M4 Project

Tasktop announced its new Software Lifecycle Integration (SLI) initiative to seamlessly integrate the entire application lifecycle and connect tools across the app economy.

Tasktop Technologies, a provider of application lifecycle management (ALM) integration solutions, recently announced its Software Lifecycle Integration (SLI) initiative that aims to address the growing fragmentation and complexity enterprises face in large-scale software delivery.

SLI is a new kind of infrastructure for connecting the software lifecycle to help enterprises achieve cross-discipline collaboration and lean ALM, Tasktop officials said.

Essentially, SLI is Tasktop’s “manifesto” for the integrated software lifecycle, summarized from its work with enterprise customers and industry partners to form a new industry discipline, the company said.

The announcement includes the publication of a common technical architecture and data model, repeatable integration patterns, an integration pattern catalog, and a new Eclipse Mylyn m4 open-source project to support SLI that is being proposed this week at the EclipseCon Boston 2013 conference.

“Typically, there are all these silos in an enterprise and SLI is what enables the silos to work together,” Neelan Choksi, chief operating officer at Tasktop, told eWEEK.

Mik Kersten, CEO and founder of Tasktop, said the Internet protocols for how tools are to be connected “just don’t work. And we know if we keep going like this we’re not going to advance as an industry. We need to get beyond the existing integration capabilities of the world like the Tibcos and such.”

Kersten added that the reason technologies such as Tibco’s and IBM’s WebSphere MQ don’t work for this is “because they’re about integrating data, not about integrating the way people work.”

Tasktop announced its news at the ALM Connect conference, which is co-located with EclipseCon and OSGi DevCon 2013 in Boston.

“Despite a decade of efforts to modernize the software tool chain, we have failed to realize the promise of ALM due to a lack of an integration infrastructure that connects vendors, open-source tools and software suppliers,” Kersten said in a statement. “Software Lifecycle Integration is the culmination of years of collaboration with enterprise IT organizations, open source developers, ISV partners and industry thought leaders. We are all committed to automating the lifecycle processes that will, in turn, bring the benefits of social coding to the entire organization and pave the way for a lean software supply chain.”

Kersten said Tasktop, together with a growing community of customer, partner and industry supporters, have developed and will make available the core components of SLI including the SLI Technical Architecture, which is a set of architectural principles, design patterns and a roadmap to get the new role of the Lifecycle Architect started within organizations needing to connect the software delivery process. Kersten said this role must own the end-to-end software development process across ALM silos.