Terracotta 3.1 Delivers Hibernate Support

Terracotta, a provider of enterprise Java scalability infrastructure software, rolls out Terracotta 3.1, which includes Terracotta for Hibernate.

Terracotta, a provider of enterprise Java scalability infrastructure software, has announced the availability of Terracotta 3.1, which includes Terracotta for Hibernate.

Terracotta for Hibernate is a plug-in distributed cache for the widely used Hibernate Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) framework. Coupled with Terracotta's recent acquisition of the popular Java caching framework, Ehcache, Terracotta 3.1 marks another milestone in the company's quest to deliver simple scalability to a wider range of organizations that build software using the Java platform, according to Terracotta officials.

"Terracotta 3.1 fills a long-standing gap in object-relational mapping technology, one that has driven unnecessarily high database spending for a few years," said Ari Zilka, chief technology officer and co-founder of Terracotta, in a statement. "Hibernate combined with Terracotta gives developers the development simplicity they sought in ORMs in the first place, with the high throughput their customers demand, along with less tuning hassle, all for dramatically lower cost."

By managing frequently accessed data in Terracotta, Hibernate users no longer need to provision databases for peak load or purchase expensive database clustering features, Zilka added. This can drive large cost savings for their organizations while delivering a higher quality of service to their end users, he said.

According to the company, Terracotta for Hibernate capabilities in Terracotta 3.1 include:

  • High-Performance, Coherent Distributed Cache-Increase application capacity by 10 times by reducing database load from 30 to 90 percent;

  • Unmatched Workload Visualization-Terracotta for Hibernate's dashboard is the only product that provides a clusterwide view of all Hibernate activity, showing you at a glance how much load is taken off your database. Get individual server statistics, as well as aggregate clusterwide views of key Hibernate and cache statistics;

  • Hibernate Optimized for Clustered Operation-Terracotta for Hibernate uses the Terracotta scalability platform to optimize Hibernate in the context of a cluster of application servers;

  • Runtime Configuration and Control-Developers and operators gain runtime control over critical cache settings like per region cacheability and time-to-live (TTL) and time-to-idle (TTI) parameters; and

  • Broad Container Support-Terracotta 3.1 supports a wide array of Java containers, including Apache Tomcat, Oracle Weblogic, Jetty, JBoss and Sun Glassfish.

Terracotta 3.1 is available for download at www.terracotta.org.