This Watchdog Guards Windows

Tripp Lite's Watchdog application may be power management's best friend.

Tripp Lites Watchdog application may be power managements best friend. This new app expands the 24-by-7 capabilities of Tripps UPS systems, monitoring Windows services and restarting them if they become unresponsive.

I tested Watchdog on a Tripp Lite SmartPro 2200 UPS, easily configuring the app to monitor DHCP and Terminal Service. I set performance thresholds, such as CPU utilization, and Watchdog rebooted the service if it exceeded the settings.

Watchdog makes a nice addition to the PowerAlert management suite, but it works only on Tripp Lite UPSes. It also shuts down the system if the PowerAlert engine is shut down while Watchdog is enabled. I had to disable Watchdog before shutting down PowerAlert if I didnt want the system to reboot.