Tideway Rolls Out Foundation 7.0

The latest version helps users see relationships and dependencies between servers.

Tideway Systems, an IT automation software company, announced Oct. 31 the availability of Tideway Foundation 7.0, which maps application relationships to physical and virtual infrastructure, including the dependencies between them.

The New York-based company said Tideway Foundation 7.0 better responds to changing data center requirements by offering a next-generation architecture and a new, pattern-based reasoning engine power that allows enterprises to model business-critical applications in dynamic IT environments.

Tom Caddoo, head of systems monitoring and management for Wachovia, of Charlotte, N.C., piloted the Foundation software during a recent data center relocation. "As weve been growing, it has become important to us to make our data centers more geographically diverse," Caddoo said. "To move servers that are in our data center, it was important to know what dependencies existed between them and between the applications they are serving up," he said.

Using Tideway Foundation 7.0, Caddoo said, allowed his team greater visibility into dependencies and relationships between infrastructure and applications. The software produced a topology that helped his team plan when and how each server should be moved based on the applications they handled and their business functionality, he said.


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Tideway Foundation 7.0, the company said, is also first to offer data provenance, a definitive chain of evidence that relates each configuration item and attribute to its source, ensuring transparency and verifying data quality.

"IT professionals are no longer forced to work in a blind spot, managing change based on data that is too often incomplete and unauthenticated," Richard Muirhead, CEO and founder of Tideway Systems, said in a statement.


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