Tool Supports Java to .Net Interoperability

JNBridgePro 1.3 enables Java developers to write apps in their familiar environment and have that code run with .Net-based apps.

JNBridge LLC Wednesday announced the release of a new version of its Java-to-.Net interoperability tool for software developers.

Boulder, Colo.-based JNBridge announced JNBridgePro 1.3, which enables Java developers to write applications in their familiar environment and have that code run with .Net-based applications, the company said. The product supports the integration of .Net code and Java technologies such as Enterprise JavaBeans and Java Naming and Directory Interface, JNBridge officials said. The tool is aimed at developers building distributed enterprise applications.

New features in JNBridgePro 1.3 include transactions support via thread-true classes, pass by value, direct mapping between collection classes, support for strong naming, support for Microsoft Corp.s J# language, and performance improvements to the platform.

JNBridge officials said that although the new product supports interoperability between Java and .Net, it enables Java applications to remain standards compliant. JNBridgePro supports Java 2 Standard Edition (J2SE), Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) and J2EE application servers.

In another instance of J2EE portability,, a J2EE community site, announced that it has relaunched its site on Sun Microsystems Inc.s Sun ONE Application Server 7, which it now runs on along with Oracle Corp.s Oracle 9i Application Server Release 2 and BEA Systems Inc.s BEA WebLogic 7.