Travelocity Launches Developer Portal

Travelocity teams with Mashery to launch the Travelocity Connect Developers Portal, a new destination for developers to leverage the Travelocity Website.

Travelocity Global has announced the launch of its new Travelocity Connect Developers Portal, a platform that enables developers and system providers to do business with Travelocity, and ZUJI.

By powering hotel listings and bookings with real-time data delivered through the Travelocity Connect APIs, hotels and developers can enhance the buying experience they deliver to customers on Travelocity€™s online properties.

€œThe Travelocity Connect Developers Portal builds upon our legacy of being the supplier friendly online travel company, making it easy for hotels to connect to us seamlessly,€ Noreen Henry, senior vice president of global partner services at Travelocity, said in a statement. €œThe portal minimizes costs, errors and delays, and will help ensure that our hotel partners are always in sync with us, giving our mutual customers a hassle-free experience. Hotels not using Travelocity Connect are missing opportunities to sell their properties on our sites.€

The Travelocity Connect Developers Portal was developed in collaboration with Mashery, a provider of API management technology and services. The portal includes Mashery tools that help developers take advantage of the opportunity to integrate complex real-time property and booking data with Travelocity Connect, and sell to customers with a new level of accuracy and ease, Travelocity said.

Travelocity's secure portal for developers provides an API toolkit for Travelocity Connect's enrolled partner developers. Developers approved by Travelocity Connect can take advantage of the tools to learn about, and engage with, the APIs and the Travelocity Connect developer community.

Developers can use the Travelocity Connect API sandbox to test formatting and messages in the full API environment for APIs, including Hotel Direct Update (availability, rates and inventory), Hotel Information, Hotel Booking Retrieve, Hotel Booking Confirmation, Hotel Inventory Verification and Hotel Booking Delivery.

The API sandbox also enables developers to build their own API requests according to specifications for delivery of data to Travelocity and receipt of bookings. And the portal also provides the developer community with interactive forums, where they can share ideas, code samples, and learn from other developers how to best use the API to streamline data updates and management in the Travelocity system.

€œTravelocity is an example of a data-driven business that is using APIs to give its partners a distinct advantage in a competitive environment,€ said Oren Michels, co-founder and CEO of Mashery. €œHotels leveraging Travelocity Connect€™s APIs can better promote their current available properties to customers with more detail and accuracy.€