Trigo Manages Product Info For The Enterprise

Trigo Enterprise 3.0 goes beyond its B2B e-commerce roots to provide a repository from which to distribute up-to-date information on hundreds of thousands of products to multiple channels.

Trigo Technologies Inc. is enhancing its flagship software suite to help manufacturers and distributors author and manage product information across the entire enterprise.

Trigo Enterprise 3.0, which the Brisbane, Calif., company will begin shipping next week, goes beyond its business-to-business e-commerce roots to provide a scalable repository from which to distribute up-to-date information on hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of products to multiple channels.

"e-Commerce has caused Global 2,000 companies to rethink how they manage products across all channels," such as Web sites, print catalogs, call centers, e-procurement platforms and branch offices, said Trigo CEO Tom Reilly. "Our customers said their biggest problem is upstream; they need a master product list for merchandise and sales."

To enable this, Version 3.0 provides new security, tracking and alerting capabilities that help automate and enforce processes for managing ever changing product information. It also provides new features for tracking data and creating an audit trail.

The upgrade also can perform complex conversions between different units of measure and has new support for complex product attributes, such as multilingual descriptions.

Trigo officials expect that Enterprise 3.0 will let big companies maintain consistent product information better than the ERP (enterprise resource planning) and CRM (customer relationship management) systems from which it pulls much of the product data it consumes.

ERP giant SAP AGs "mySAP us trying to provide soup-to-nuts sourcing/design to selling," Reilly said. "They cant be experts in everything."

Trigo plans to offer later this year applications to complement Enterprise 3.0. They will encompass supplier self-management, merchandising, end-of-product-life, and cross-selling/up-selling.