Twice as Fast

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Twice as Fast

According to Crimson Consulting, Adobes Acrobat X software can be twice as fast as using Microsoft Office 2010.

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50 Percent Faster in Some Areas

Acrobat X is 50 percent faster than Microsoft Office 2010 in some areas, such as in signing and sending secure documents.

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7 Hours a Week

The IT decision-makers found that Acrobat X, in comparison with other offerings, can provide businesses with as many as seven more hours of productivity per week.

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The efficiency involved with Acrobat X can be translated into money as well. According to Crimson, using Acrobat X can mean savings of up to $13,000 per knowledge worker.

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The $6 Million Software

The money can add up fast. A company using Acrobat X can see a total annual savings of as much as $6 million, the consulting firm said.

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