UltraBac Gets Unix Support Back

Version 7.1 of the software gains new Unix agents, plus incremental backup support for Windows 2003.

BEI Corp.s UltraBac Software division last week launched UltraBac 7.1, adding new Unix agents, plus incremental backup support for Windows 2003, officials said.

The software, for midsize companies and large companies departmental use, is available now starting at $495 per server.

UltraBacs 6.x series had basic Unix support, which was removed in Version 7.0 as part of an architecture redesign. "Now theyre back in, but theyre improved," said Chief Technology Officer and co-founder Paul Bunn, in Bellevue, Wash. "Now the enumeration is done dynamically. Weve also added for the first time AIX and HP-UX agents." FreeBSD, Linux, Mac OS X and Solaris are also supported.

Besides support for Windows 2003s Virtual Shadow Copy Service (VSS), which UltraBac will support later this year, the software can now restore individual files and has its own version of incremental backups, Bunn said.

Incremental backup is the ability to back up only the data thats changed since last time. "Our technology is better," supporting prior Windows versions, he said. In the native Windows 2003 VSS, Microsoft cant support incremental Exchange or SQL Server backups, Bunn said. "Microsoft has actually told us about the problems," he said.

UltraBac 7.1 now supports more external backup devices as well, specifically those using FireWire or USB connections. For devices like tape drives, Windows Plug-and-Play support introduced in 1995 is "just about starting to work," he said.

A command line setup feature for administrators to install new licensed copies of UltraBac 7.1 within a network, without additional software, is also new, Bunn said.

Separately, "weve got a new version of our disaster recovery coming out" this week called UBDR Pro, which will focus on failed servers, he said.