Up the Digital River

Eden Prairie, Minn.-based Digital River was founded way back in 1994.

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Eden Prairie, Minn.-based Digital River was founded way back in 1994. Not surprisingly, in light of the current implementation with Crystal Decisions, the companys initial focus was on product fulfillment for software vendors, both through downloads and software disks.

After starting to expand its activities two years ago, Digital River is now addressing the "entire sell side" of B2B and B2C commerce, officials say. The company has serviced more than 8,000 companies across a variety of markets.

Digital River currently operates four practices: E-Business Services, E-Marketing Services, Software & Digital Commerce Services, and the recently added E-Products. Services range from e-catalogs and volume software licensing to e-returns management, purchase orders, fraud prevention, and transaction services in international languages and currencies.

The E-Products practice is based on a multichannel e-commerce platform recently purchased from Calico Software. Digital River plans to run this software platform as a hosted service, in addition to selling the software as a product to end customers. The company also will be reselling other software products from Calico, including a configurator and a pricing-control tool.