Verizon Introduces Mobile Services Enablement Platform

The Mobile Services Enablement Platform (MSEP) is the latest addition to Verizon's Managed Mobility portfolio.

Network operator Verizon introduced its Mobile Services Enablement Platform, designed to help businesses design their applications for a mobile environment so that workers can access the applications across different devices.

The platform, which is the latest addition to Verizon's Managed Mobility portfolio, is already integrated with enterprise software applications including Siebel, SAP, Oracle, Remedy, and Amdocs.
The Sybase Unwired Platform, which is managed and maintained by Verizon, enables the synchronization and delivery of information between mobile devices and customers' back-end enterprise applications. The Mobile Device Management module delivers tools, applications and data to employees, where and when required, and creates and enforces mobile policies across devices, groups or individual users.
The Mobile Security module enforces access codes, establishes "lock/wipe" policies by which devices that are stolen or lost can be locked by the administrator and data wiped out, encrypts devices and data cards, delivers firewall and antivirus applications, and supports mobile access to corporate applications. The Inventory and Expense Management module tracks mobile assets, usage and spending, and delivers consolidated and departmental reporting, as well as auditing, electronic billing and chargeback information for accounting purposes. The same platform can also track global wireline telecom spending, a company release noted.
In addition, the Logistics module automates procurement workflow and device deployments across carriers via a centralized procurement portal. The module also defines approved devices by workgroup or function, and procures devices and tracks ordering process. The entire Managed Mobility portfolio leverages the technology and expertise of mobility vendors, including Sybase, an SAP company and provider of enterprise mobile software.
According to the Oct. 28 Forrester Research report "Managing Mobile Complexity," enterprises are prioritizing mobility initiatives as a key strategic focus, expanding the use of smartphone devices and investing in a range of mobile applications to address the needs of information workers. In looking at the coming year, according to the independent report, 46 percent of companies surveyed identify supporting more mobile applications for out-of-office users as a key priority, and 33 percent identify supporting more mobile applications for employees who work in the office as a key priority.
"To enable a truly borderless enterprise, businesses need to arm mobile workers with secure access to the applications essential for their day-to-day operations," said Carrie Gray, executive director of solutions marketing for Verizon. "With this new offering, Verizon now offers one of the industry's most comprehensive managed mobility solutions to help our customers innovate and execute a successful mobile-workforce strategy."