VMware Delivers Oracle Support in vFabric Data Director 2.0

VMware’s new vFabric Data Director 2.0 provides support for Oracle for enterprise database as a service delivery.

VMware (NYSE: VMW) has announced VMware vFabric Data Director 2.0 with support for virtualization of Oracle databases on VMware vSphere.

vFabric Data Director 2.0 simplifies and automates database lifecycle management, allowing IT to deliver database as a service in order to increase developer agility while reducing total cost of ownership for databases, VMware said

€œThe journey to cloud computing is all about reducing complexity for developers and IT operations in order to be able to more effectively meet the demands of today€™s application realities€”faster development cycles, more data and higher expectations for IT responsiveness,€ Jerry Chen, vice president of Cloud and Application Services at VMware, said in a statement. €œVMware vFabric Data Director leverages the benefits of virtualization at the database tier to reduce database complexity and cost through policy-based automation and a self-service management model.€

vFabric Data Director 2.0 automates deployment, management and governance of heterogeneous databases and enables IT to automate and delegate routine database management tasks, including provisioning, backup, cloning and patching, VMware said in a press release. This means application teams can provision or refresh a database in minutes rather than days and IT can offer developers self-service database access while maintaining control and compliance through policy.

The new vFabric Data Director 2.0 now supports Oracle 10gR2, Oracle 11gR2 as well as vFabric Postgres 9.1€”a VMware optimized relational database based on PostgreSQL. vFabric Data Director 2.0 also automates the process of migrating a physical database into a virtual environment. This enables enterprises to consolidate existing databases on VMware vSphere. The new release also supports integration with cloud infrastructure and big data solutions via APIs for integration with other products such as vCloud Director, vFabric Application Director


the Cloud Foundry

open-source project

, EMC Data Domain, and Greenplum Chorus


Enterprises using these products can now leverage Data Director for database provisioning and management.

vFabric Data Director is part of the VMware vFabric family of products, which includes GemFire, SQLFire and runtime products optimized for Spring, plus a complete set of services to build, run and manage modern applications in distributed, cloud environments.

vFabric Data Director 2.0 is licensed per virtual machine of managed database at $750 per VM up to two vCPUs or virtual CPUs.