Voice Biometric Hackathon Spurs Development of New Apps

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Voice Biometric Hackathon Spurs Development of New Apps

KnuVerse held a hackathon to challenge developers to integrate its cloud-based API for voice authentication into traditional web and mobile apps.

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Campus Claim

Real-time, physical-space game Campus Claim has two components: a mobile application users can run on their personal devices and custom-built IoT devices located around a physical location, like a college campus. These devices are powered by a Raspberry Pi to verify an ID card and voice input for users to win points in a conquer-style game.

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WIDITS (What I Do In The Shadows) integrated voice authentication to create a high-security note-taking app. Users can access, edit and create their notes only after being approved using a vocal password.

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Crypto Chat

Crypto Chat is a Chrome Extension and iOS keyboard that manages all the behind-the-scenes work that makes end-to-end encryption possible, and it automatically encrypts and decrypts messages while handling the generation of new keys. The Knurld API verifies that users are who they say they are in order to access this key library.

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Hotel Room Access

This app enables hotel owners to give room access to their customers with only their voice. Hotel rooms are booked through the app and record the user's voice. Once the booking is confirmed, customers can access their rooms by stating a predetermined phrase into a device placed next to the door.

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rePear is a platform that aims to prevent drug relapses in patients while also helping them recuperate. To ensure privacy and security, rePear verifies who is using the Knurld API.

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Biometric Lock Screen

This app is like a normal swipe-to-unlock lock screen. However, it also registers the way users are unlocking their phones, specifically the time to unlock and pressure. If there are indicators that the unlocker may not be authorized, it will ask them to verify their voice print.

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Magnacle is a password manager for Chrome that uses Knurld's voice-authentication API. This app replaces users' passwords with the most secure thing available, their voice. The user's voice is employed to securely communicate with the server and get the key for decrypting their passwords.

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Biometric Cash Box

Biometric Cashbox digitally locks and unlocks using both voice and facial recognition. When users try to open the cash box, they first press a button, then say three phrases provided by Knurld and smile for a photograph. The cash box registers their credentials with Knurld and their face impression with Microsoft Oxford AI APIs and then provides or denies access.

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Due to the lack of security in many medical systems, records are often sent and requested via hard copy. But with SecureRecord, users can safely upload, receive and send medical records using a back end that is built in Node.js using MongoDB as its database and Knurld voice authentication as a security layer.

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USB Vlocker

USB Vlocker reads USBs as they are inserted into a machine, and prompts users to provide biometric verification before they can access the stored information. The app directs users to register their voiceprint during enrollment by uttering the words purple, maroon and orange three times.

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Vita is an educational app that enables kids to learn mathematics in a creative way. The app can be communicated with through voice and handwriting and uses machine-learning technology to improve on recognizing both over time.

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