WebPutty Enhances Flexibility Platform

WebPutty Inc. today is unveiling a new version of its flexible application infrastructure for building Web services and other next-generation software models.

The San Jose, Calif., company will announce WebPutty Flexibility Platform 5.0, targeting organizations that need to integrate business applications with other systems in enterprises, the company said.

WebPutty Flexibility Platform 5.0 has three main components: the WebPutty Flexibility Server; the WebPutty Development Suite; and the WebPutty Interoperability Suite.

The Flexibility Server provides support for XML and SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol); integrates with existing applications, objects and data sources; and enables users to exchange data from these different sources and to build on top of them.

The Development Suite features a Development Studio and a Business Studio. The Development Studio is a development environment in which to build WebPutty applications. The Business Studio is an orchestration engine that manages interaction between WebPutty and external applications.

The Interoperability Suite features a discovery feature that works to identify and define external applications, objects, data sources and services and makes them appear as native WebPutty elements. This puts all external items on "equal footing" in WebPutty, the company said.