Why Are We Here?

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Why Are We Here?

Oracle's opening slide asks: Why are we here? It cites an email from Google's Tim Lindholm acknowledging Google's need to get a license for Java&151;something Google never did.

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The Crown Jewel

When Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems in 2010, Thomas Kurian, executive vice president of product development, called Java the "crown jewel" of the acquisition.

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Google Needed What Java Could Deliver

Google needed to get to market in a hurry with Android, and Java provided just what the doctor ordered.

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No Title

Java Is the Right FitGoogle looked at other options and decided that Java met its requirements for Android.

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The Build Decision

After assessing options that included Microsoft's Common Language Runtime (CLR) and C#, Google decided to build on Java.

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Suns Ownership

At the time of Google's decision to build on Java, Sun Microsystems owned the technology along with key copyrights and patents.

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Google Realizes Its Position Vis-à-Vis Licensing Java

As this paper trail indicates, Google acknowledges it needs to license Java.

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Do It Anyway ...

According to this email, Google weighs the option of using Java without a license.

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Its On!

According to this email, Google appears poised to go its own way and gird for battle if necessary.

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Key Hires

Google beefed up its ranks with key former Sun employees who were familiar with Java in one form or another.

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The Open-Source Shield?

According to this email, Google employees realized that though Java was open source, the licensing was such that they would still have to pay royalties.

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A Cover-Up?

This email suggests that Google did not want to talk openly about its use of Java.

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What Oracle Claims Google Took

Oracle says Google copied Java APIs and code.

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Googles Words

Oracle says Google's own words hurt it in this case.

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But Can They Prove It?

Oracle says it will prove that Google willfully copied Oracle's IP and has benefitted immensely from it.

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