With BlueMix, IBM Meets Developers Where They Live

IBM announced its new BlueMix Garage initiative to help startups build cloud apps based on IBM's BlueMix PaaS–the first will be in San Francisco.

LAS VEGAS–IBM is betting big on its BlueMix platform as a service, so big that the company is meeting with developers where they live to provide access, services and mentoring to startups who wish to take advantage of the platform.

Earlier this year, IBM pledged to invest $1 billion to create a market around BlueMix, and the company is putting its money where its mouth is. At the IBM Impact 2014 conference here, IBM announced the launch of the first BlueMix Garage – a physical location where developers, product managers and designers can collaborate with IBM experts to rapidly innovate and deliver new cloud apps deployed onto BlueMix, IBM’s open platform as a service (PaaS).

Located in San Francisco, the first IBM BlueMix Garage has begun initial projects and will become fully operational this June, transforming app development with modern cloud technologies and disciplined agile processes. Centered in dense startup communities, BlueMix Garages will help redefine how developers use the cloud to turn new ideas into initial products, evolve them based on market feedback, and deliver scale and integration with client systems as needed through the IBM BlueMix platform.

Designed as a collaborative space for developers from companies of all sizes, the first BlueMix Garage will locate an IBM community and development lab in the heart of a thriving, entrepreneurial community: Galvanize. Located in San Francisco’s South of Market neighborhood – home to more startups per square foot than anywhere in the world, IBM claims – Galvanize attracts a strong network of entrepreneurs, developers, students, mentors, angel investors and venture capitalists in a physical space to learn, collaborate and create the next generation of high-tech and digital businesses. By the end of 2014, Galvanize will be home to approximately 200 San Francisco startups, which will sit next to the BlueMix Garage and spur co-innovation through events, technical talks and mentorship by IBM Fellows and senior business leaders.

“Galvanize is a co-learning campus, providing digital startups with the industry-critical tools, mentoring and connections they need to learn, grow and launch,” said Jim Deters, co-founder and CEO of Galvanize, in a statement. “The inclusion of IBM’s first BlueMix Garage within the Galvanize community will equip our strong network of developers with the ability to competitively innovate apps with speed, using the power of cloud and open standards.”

The work with Galvanize and the decision to put the first BlueMix Garage in San Francisco is part of an ongoing effort IBM has had to reach out to the developer community in the San Francisco Bay and Silicon Valley area. IBM Research opened its first West Coast lab in San Jose in 1956. In 1986, the company opened the IBM Almaden Research Center in San Jose. Also in San Jose is the IBM Silicon Valley Lab, where IBM is doing a lot of cloud and open source work.