Ximian to Roll Out Red Carpet Enterprise

Beta testers tout the usability of the behind-the-firewall solution.

Open-source desktop company Ximian on Monday will release Red Carpet Enterprise, a behind-the-firewall solution that provides users with centralized software maintenance and version management for Linux servers and workstations.

The Red Carpet Enterprise deployment consists of a server storing Linux software that is distributed to workstations and servers; a process or interface for controlling how this software is updated; and a method for initiating the updates on various corporate machines.

Administrators can set up the Red Carpet server, using either a Web-based administration console or a command line interface, to centrally configure and distribute software selections, manage users or organize groups of machines for software installation and updating.

Updates for workstations and servers can be initiated automatically "on demand" by Red Carpet client users, or unattended on specified schedules using the Red Carpet Daemon and its Autopull capability.

Red Carpet Enterprise users will be able to control the software stored on their internal Red Carpet servers and for many of these users who are building custom Linux software, this new solution will manage the installation and updating of these applications.

"This entire system is a product that can be installed and customized inside the firewall and does not require professional services or a lot of consulting. Its meant to be delivered and offered as a product," John Perr, vice president at Ximian, told eWEEK.

Users will pay $2500 for the server software, which runs on top of Red Hat Linux 7.3 and is deployed behind the firewall, as well as a license fee for each system they want to manage. The license fee starts at $200 a system, but volume discounts kick in as the number of systems grows.

Customers also have the option of subscribing to the Red Carpet Library, which provides software updates to Linux software from Ximian, their Linux distributions or other third-party software. This service starts at $60 a year per system.