Zend, ColdFusion MX7 Can Handle Tough Enterprise Jobs

The updated Web application builders are sturdy enough for heavy-duty corporate chores.

In the enterprise, when talk turns to application servers and Web scripting languages, it often seems as if the entire world consists only of Java servers and .Net. But there are several other prominent technologies available for building Web applications, and businesses are well-advised to keep them in mind.

PHP, used widely across the Web and especially prevalent in blogging sites, is making inroads into corporate settings.

PHP now powers many appliances, services and enterprise applications used by businesses. Similarly, Macromedia Inc.s ColdFusion has long been lauded for its short learning curve and the clean effectiveness of its tags.

eWEEK Labs tests of new releases in these core technologies—the PHP-based Zend Platform 1.1 and Zend Studio 4, from Zend Technologies Ltd., and Macromedias ColdFusion MX 7—clearly show that both PHP and ColdFusion can handle even the most demanding corporate tasks.


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