Zoho Creator Users Can Now Build Fully Native Apps on iOS, Android

Today’s topics include the latest version of Zoho’s low-code business app builder with support for iOS and Android, and the Kubernetes 1.10 release provides new storage and security capabilities.

Zoho on March 17 released its low-code app builder Zoho Creator 5, which Zoho Creator lead Tejas Gadhia said "will enable users to build fully native apps on both iOS and Android. These custom applications can be deployed via the Apple AppStore, Google Play store, or via a mobile device management application."

Improvements include a new Mobile App Creator module for automatic app deployment on various iPads, smartphones and tablets; Workflow Creator for automatically triggering simple tasks; and updates on Zoho's in-house programming language Deluge.

Meanwhile, Page Creator produces interactive dashboards and web pages using a drag-and-drop interface. A unified database allows customers to link their custom apps with Zoho CRM or with third-party software-as-a-service applications such as QuickBooks Online.

The open-source Kubernetes container orchestration platform reached its 1.10 release on March 26, providing new storage and security capabilities, including the beta integration of new storage capability the Container Storage Interface. The new Kubernetes milestone also provides Transport Layer Security bootstrapping capabilities as well as patches for a critical security vulnerability disclosed March 12.

Saad Ali, senior software engineer at Google and Kubernetes storage special interest group lead, said, "Support of CSI was introduced in Kubernetes as alpha in 1.9 and has been promoted to beta in 1.10, meaning it is moving rather quickly."

Among the features that have landed in the Kubernetes 1.10 update is Kubelet TLS Bootstrap, which is designed to improve the use of encryption for data running on a Kubernetes node.