10 Cool CRM Developments

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10 Cool CRM Developments

By Renee Boucher Ferguson

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10 Cool CRM Developments - Students of CRM

The Bronx Lab School-

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10 Cool CRM Developments - Come to Kassel

The Kassel region in Germany uses SugarCRM as a social networking platform to attract businesses, tourists and potential residents. The site won the Most Innovative CRM Deployment Award at the CRM Expo, Europe's largest CRM show.

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10 Cool CRM Developments - CommMitt

Former-presidential hopeful Mitt Romney's campaign used Salesforce.com's Force.com platform to build an application that allowed volunteers to disseminate information and solicit funds in e-mails. The application tracks Romney's donor outreach activities and provides an overview of fund-raising efforts. Using the app, Romney raised about $20 million for his failed Republican ticket bid.

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10 Cool CRM Developments - Human Services Serviced

State of Oregon Tracks Medicaid ClaimsThe State of Oregon Department of Human Services used SugarCRM to manage Medicaid claims for more than 35,000 health-care providers in the state. The department moved from managing 60,000 paper-based claims a month to less than 50 a month--and achieved HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance along the way.

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10 Cool CRM Developments - Superman and the Super Bowl

Total Structures builds custom structures, both large and small. The company recently used Microsoft Dynamics CRM Live to develop an application to help track the building of the half-time stage for the Super Bowl and part of the set for a recent Superman movie

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10 Cool CRM Developments - Geeks on the Way

With high volumes of customer calls, the Geeks on the Way service was spending a lot of time mapping service calls. The company used SugarCRM to build an application that, linked with its Asterisk PBX phone system, maps out routes for service calls and helps manage better payroll execution.

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10 Cool CRM Developments - Hurricane Tracker

Storm WatchThe Schumacher Group provides physicians and operating teams to more than 140 hospitals in multiple states, so it needed a way to track potential hazardous situations, as well as medical facilities that might need its doctors and operating teams in times of crisis. Using Salesforce.com's Force.com platform, Schumacher built a hurricane-tracking application along with a facility dashboard that tracks physician locations.

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10 Cool CRM Developments - Conservation Counts

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 as a platform to build an application for tracking its conservation management efforts.

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10 Cool CRM Developments - The Homeless Count

The Family Service Agency of San Francisco serves 8,000 clients annually-

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10 Cool CRM Developments - Talking Trash

Trash-It, an on-call commercial and residential junk-removal service, is mashing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Live with TomTom Work, a GPS navigation tool, to manage and control its trash pickup fleet.

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