10 Reasons Why Windows 10 Adoption Has Been So Rapid

1 - 10 Reasons Why Windows 10 Adoption Has Been So Rapid
2 - It's Free—for Now
3 - Windows 8 Was a Nightmare for Microsoft
4 - Corporate Users Were Reaching End-of-Life
5 - The Interface Is Far Better
6 - PC Vendors Are Playing Nice
7 - The Security Upgrades Are Notable
8 - It's Truly a Multiplatform Operating System
9 - It's Ideal for Gamers
10 - The Positive Reviews Were Important
11 - Microsoft Is Just … Different
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10 Reasons Why Windows 10 Adoption Has Been So Rapid

Less than a year after its launch, Windows 10 can already be found on 300 million devices. Here's why so many people are downloading the new operating system.

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It's Free—for Now

Let's not forget that in the past, Microsoft sold its flagship PC operating system for several hundred dollars a copy. With Windows 10, however, Microsoft made the surprising decision last year to make it available for free to its customers, sparking early adoption. For those who are considering joining the ever-growing crowd of Windows 10 users, they need to take note: Microsoft will soon start charging customers to download the OS.

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Windows 8 Was a Nightmare for Microsoft

Windows 10 benefited from following the nightmare that was Windows 8. With Windows 8, Microsoft tried to force on customers an operating system that was too different and too hard to use. The enterprise buyers snubbed the platform, PC vendors revolted, and before long, customers were choosing to stick with Windows 7 rather than update to a less-appealing alternative.

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Corporate Users Were Reaching End-of-Life

While IT professionals ignored Windows 8 and clung to Windows 7, their hardware wasn't getting any younger. Then came Windows 10. According to several studies, one of the chief reasons IT professionals have migrated their companies to Windows 10 is to deal with end-of-life issues for their stocks of computer hardware. Since Windows 10 is so similar to Windows 7, the jump hasn't cause many—if any—productivity problems among employees.

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The Interface Is Far Better

It's important to note how much better the interface is in Windows 10 than in Windows 8. The operating system makes it easier for old-time users to get around the platform and get work done. Microsoft actually listened to its customers' complaints and delivered an operating system interface in Windows 10 that's both intuitive and refined.

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PC Vendors Are Playing Nice

PC vendors were concerned with the lack of interest in Windows 8 and quickly responded by allowing users to "downgrade" to Windows 7. With Windows 10, all that has changed. Windows 10 has become the default platform for PC makers, and they're happy to offer it. Remember: Microsoft relies on PC vendors to boost Windows 10 adoption, and at least right now they're doing exactly that.

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The Security Upgrades Are Notable

The security upgrades built into Windows 10 are important features for enterprise users and consumers. In fact, Microsoft has called Windows 10 the most secure operating system it's ever launched, touting its ability to find threats before they wreak havoc on a machine or network. Most security experts have also touted Windows 10's security features.

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It's Truly a Multiplatform Operating System

Microsoft was smart to make Windows 10 work on nearly every kind of device. Not only is the operating system capable of running well on desktops and notebooks, but it also lives with ease on tablets, smartphones and convertible PCs. Microsoft's hardware-agnostic tack with Windows 10 has improved its adoption.

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It's Ideal for Gamers

Gamers don't always get attention, but they're helping to buoy an otherwise struggling PC business. Gamers tend to buy new computers more rapidly and are likely to be early adopters. They've largely accepted Windows 10 with open arms, and game developers have had no other option but to rapidly develop games for Windows 10 to serve that market. That's all good news for Microsoft.

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The Positive Reviews Were Important

After Windows 10's launch, there were plenty of positive reviews. Coming off the calamity that was Windows 8.1, the reviewers were overjoyed by what they found in Windows 10. If one person reports a good experience with a PC product, it's more likely that their friends and family members will make the same choice. That's exactly what happened with Windows 10.

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Microsoft Is Just … Different

Another reason for Windows 10's success is that Microsoft has learned a bit of humility. The company is less of the haughty software juggernaut that everyone loved to hate and hated to need. With Satya Nadella at the helm, Microsoft has worked to regain computer users' confidence. With moves like free upgrades and even forgiving software pirates, Microsoft is showing a nicer side to consumers. Microsoft's new outlook has improved the public's perception of the company and undoubtedly made them more willing to download the latest version of Windows.

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