2nd Annual eXcellence Awards Winners & Finalists - Page 4

& Knowledge Management">

Business Management: Portals & Knowledge Management


Epicentric Inc.

Epicentric Foundation Server 4.0



WebSphere Portal 2.0

Microsoft Corp.

SharePoint Portal Server 2001

One of the most intriguing categories of enterprise applications during the last few years has been enterprise information portals and knowledge management. With their potential ability to centralize company information and data, increase collaboration, and tie together diverse applications, portals and KM systems can provide a big payoff.

The products entered in this category provided an excellent view of this important enterprise area, and since it is still a growing category, each of the products had clear strengths and weaknesses to differentiate from the others.

The judges chose IBMs WebSphere Portal as a finalist because of its strong personalization, collaboration and KM features, many of which are made possible through excellent integration with other IBM and Lotus applications.

Microsofts SharePoint was a finalist due to the ease with which a company can get up and running with it, and because of its excellent collaboration and KM features.

Epicentrics Foundation Server edged out the other contenders to become the winner in this category because of its extreme scalability and flexibility, due mostly to its extensive support for XML and other open standards. In the portal world, this kind of openness is key to enabling smooth integration with partners and diverse applications. Jim Rapoza